A floating destiny boat takes us on an outward journey of exploration, carrying us through our transitions. An illusory house beckons us home for rest, refection and renewal. Layered images remind us that life ebbs and fows—it is always in flux.

Butterflies, birds, fruit and flowers are symbols of the natural cycle of growth, decay and regeneration. Birds migrate as the seasons change. Butterflies are transformed through metamorphosis. Nature's bounty forever ripens and blooms.

Remnants of tiles and vintage wallpaper elicit nostalgia. Memories are stirred by meandering vines derived from gravestone rubbings. Antique maps recall the past, while the rhythm and timing of life is evoked with sheet music.

Rachel Paxton's paintings incorporate archetypes of nature and spirituality to explore life's universal rhythms. They reveal the fleeting past while reminding us to fully experience the always transient present moment. Uncovering memory, the passage of time and our refections on the cycle of life, the paintings depict an idyllic mystical world. They juxtapose what can be known with what can never be known.