“What if?” “What then?” and “What will happen next?”.

Between conception and creation, an interior monologue evolves, imagining, shaping, adding and eliminating, repainting and rebuilding again and again, eventually bringing to life the abstract painting that was concealed at inception. The paintings attempt to coalesce into landscapes, but finally refuse to, as forms are invented and space is unfolded and cut, demanding to reveal an abstraction. It becomes a balancing act between controlling the painting and letting the painting dictate the direction. 

This series of abstract paintings, is inspired by mid-century atomic design icons including boomerangs, asymmetrical stars, glowing orbs, bulbous shapes, quirky antenna and space podsthat dangle like a Calder mobile. In the 1950’s, this new imagery had a profound impact on American thought and its future, with promises of freedom through automation and modernity.

By using mid-century motifs while simultaneously committing to the abstract, the paintings refer to the 50’s while being timeless. Although today the concept of freedom through modernity might seem preposterous, in the end it is creating the painting which is the ultimate experience of freedom.



Memory can be elusive. Fond memories even more so…. Think back, remember something cool… make it even cooler, make it solid, make it fun, make it funny…. make it quirky. Make it gay. Make it Western. Make it pink. Make it glow. Make it sad. Make it real. Twist the memory until it suits your ideal.

This series of paintings is inspiredby archetypal mid-century advertisements for motels, diners, bowling alleys, drive-ins, cocktail lounges, breakfast joints and cowboy bars. Originating from authentic neon signs of the 1950’s, each painting is a mash-up of classic Americana, kitsch, mid-century design motifs such as boomerangs and atomic stars. Wrung through my own imagination they eventually emerge as icons newly created. 

Part documentary, part fantasy, the signs are constructed intuitively, unscathed and protected as cardboard furniture is in a child’s doll house. Glamorized on their pedestals, these cherished objects of romanticized memory are surrounded by the murky darkness of passing time. Strangely abandoned, yet brilliantly alive, they beckon us to remember…Make it real. Twist the memory until it suits your ideal.



A floating destiny boat takes us on an outward journey of exploration, carrying us through transitions. An illusory house beckons us home for rest, reflection and renewal. Birds, butterflies, fruit and flowers symbolize the natural cycle of growth, decay and regeneration. Music evokes timing and the rhythm of life.

 This series of paintings incorporate archetypes of nature and spirituality to explore life's universal rhythms. Layered with images that recall the past they remind us that life ebbs and flows — it is always in flux. Uncovering memory, the passage of time and our reflections on the cycle of life, the paintings depict an idyllic mystical world.